If you have a question to our consultant please write to the following email address:

The following information should be in your email:
- clear description of the situation and defined question – in Russian or English language.
- If you have already addressed to the police or other public institutions, it is very important to mention what the result of this application was.
- your personal advertisement:

1) Family name, first name
2) The country and city you are from
3) The city in which you study
4) Institution where you study (complete description – university, department, term)
5) Telephone number (with the code of the city)
6) Email-address
7) Answer to the question: „Where did you get information the project?“

After that – wait for our answer!

Coordinators who are working in this project:

Dimitri Makarov
Youth Human Rights Group - Moscow (Hotline in Moscow)

Anna Krasnitskaya
The representative of the Ombudsman's apparatus in the Krasnodar region (Hotline in Krasnodar)

Konstantin Baranov
Rostov-on-Don department of “Young Europe” (Consultations by email:, Hotline in Rostov-on-Don)

Julia Alyatina
Youth Human Rights Group - Voronezh (Hotline in Voronezh)