Why this is important?

In Russia, the question of intolerance, hate and even aggression against people who look different („Not like yourself“) is very popular, the fact is that 20% of the population answered in public opinion polls, that all illegal people, or even all foreigners, who live in the Russian Federation have to be evicted. On the question “what to do with the foreign students” they answered, that they also don't need them. What can foreign students do for their rights in this situation?

We think, that there are three possibilities:

First possibility: You can accept that your rights are violated and will be violated in future. Accept, that there is a lot of discrimination of you. That the police in the streets will force you to give them bribe and skinheads will follow you to attack and beat. You can't go somewhere, have to put a fence on your window, employ bodyguards, etc. But still, if you go to any meetings or you don't have money to employ bodyguards, you have to stand.

Second possibility: Get away from here. That is the most absolute and the safest solution. You can be sure, that no one will threaten you in Russia. But it's important, to tell everyone, especially your friends, not to go to Russia. That is the way of escape.

Third possibility – the most complicated. For this possibility almost nobody from the foreign students are  still ready. They are not ready, because there is no civilized country in the world where foreign students face this problem. This possibility has the idea that you can provide for yourself normal, good and calm life in Russia. Therefore you have to change the city, in which you study and live at the moment, the county in which you are. You have to fight for your own rights together with human rights organizations. The choice is still yours. And this choice – this possibility is not only a choice for foreign students, it is also a choice for any person who lives in Russia.

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